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Christian Theology Progams

The Center for Christ maintains close partnerships with select Theological Seminaries to establish the foundation of its theologically sound programs. Our collaborations include working with STTII Jakarta to deliver theological seminars, teaming up with STTB The Way for music and vocal training initiatives, and partnering with STTI Harvest to implement the Harvest International Curriculum.


STTII Jakarta conducts seminars on various theology topics for the Center for Christ family. Our seminars typically span a few days or weeks, with each session focusing on a specific topic.


STTB The Way has been a tremendous blessing to the Center for Christ family by generously providing free music and vocal lessons. Anyone interested can easily sign up and explore a wide range of musical instruments and vocal training. What makes these lessons even more enriching is that they are seamlessly integrated with the theological principles of praise and worship.


In January 2019, the Center for Christ entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with STTI Harvest to launch the Harvest International Curriculum Program. This program is akin to an Associate Degree or Diploma 1, and it holds international recognition. Notably, it serves as a pathway for pursuing a Bachelor's degree at STTI Harvest. We are proud to offer this program free of charge to all our disabled friends at the Center for Christ.

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