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Christian Theology Progams

Center for Christ works closely with some Theological Seminaries to establish its theologically sound programs. We work with STTII Jakarta for theological seminars, with STTB The Way for music and vocal trainings, and with STTI Harvest for implementing the Harvest International Curriculum


STTII Jakarta conducts various seminars on theology for the Center for Christ family. Seminars are held a few days or weeks for each topic. 


STTB The Way has been a great blessing for the Center for Christ family by offering free music and vocal lessons. Everyone interested can sign up and learn various musical instruments and vocal lessons. Each lesson is given in parallel with the theological foundation of praise and worship.


In January 2019, Center for Christ signed an MOU with STTI Harvest to implement the Harvest International Curriculum Program that is comparable to an Associate Degree or Diploma 1. This program is recognized internationally, and may be used to pursue a Bachelor's degree at STTI Harvest. The program is offered free of charge for all the disabled friends at Center for Christ.

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