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Path to Restoration

In John 9:3-4  Jesus answered His disciples regarding a blind: “It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” Jesus answered. “He was born blind so the power of God could be seen in him." Each one of us must expeditiously fulfill the tasks assigned by the One who has sent us, for the night approaches, and with it, the culmination of all work.

In the Kingdom of God, everything unfolds according to divine timing and purpose. At the Center for Christ, our mission is to extend our hand to those society categorizes as disabled individuals. These individuals face significant challenges resulting from the loss of body functions. Our duty is to impart knowledge and understanding to those who have been marginalized due to their disabilities, rekindling the profound purpose that God has envisioned for their lives through the transformative power of God's Word. Our aim is to help them discover life's ultimate purpose.

We each bear a unique burden, a divine assignment in our hearts, for our disabled friends. God's intention is that through the actions of our faith, His power shines brightly before the world. Every restoration of the lives of our disabled friends serves to glorify the name of Jesus. The transformative power of the Word imparts knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to all those facing adversity, empowering them to rise and fulfill the purpose ordained by God.


Furthermore, it is the boundless love of our LORD that acts as the catalyst for mending the broken-hearted. We steadfastly stand by this love as we extend our assistance to all our disabled friends, fully aware that it is the greatest force capable of bringing about life-changing breakthroughs. At the Center for Christ, we are a family united and fortified by His unconditional love.

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