Preaching Competition 2017

As in the previous years, Center for Christ conducted another Preaching Competition for the Blind Friends. The Competition that is held yearly is unique each year because of the various topics assigned for the contestants. For this year, the general topic of preaching was about "How to follow the footsteps of Jesus." A total of 17 preaching contestants signed up, and each one must address a specific bible passage

Residing as the Jury for the competition were Reverend Hendrady, pastor of GKAA Kelapa Gading, and Reverend Moranda Girsang, a pastor and a senior teaching staff of STTII Kebon Jeruk. Each contestant was given a maximum of 10 minutes to deliver the message. The juries scored each contestant based on 3 aspects, namely the accuracy of message, delivery style of the message, and answers of questions asked by the juries regarding the message being delivered.

The objective of this preaching competition is to measure the spiritual growth and understanding of the Blind Friends, as well as giving the Blind Friends the confidence and experience of preaching. Each year the Blind Friends show great progress, proven by the depth of spiritual understanding when they deliver a message. The juries were pleasantly surprised by knowledge and the faith that the Blind Friends demonstrated during this competition.

After the tabulation of the scores, the winners of this year's competition are as follows: First Place: Sister Gressia Second Place: Sister Tami Third Place: Brother Sina Runner Ups: Brother Bradley, Brother Josua Sitompul, and Sister Elizabeth.

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