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Spiritual Enrichment: Bibilical Dating

Children of God often have numerous questions concerning the complexities of dating, including what is considered acceptable or not within the context of dating. To address these inquiries, Pastor Ivan dedicated a spiritual enrichment session at the Center for Christ on March 19, 2022, conducted via Google Meet. This discussion served as a valuable supplement to the overarching theme of the ongoing session, which focuses on how believers establish and nurture meaningful relationships.

Children of God are encouraged to turn to the Bible whenever they seek God's guidance, including when it comes to dating decisions. Above all, the concept of Christian dating should be rooted in a clear and purposeful foundation, as all Christians are called to avoid frivolous pursuits in life. It's essential to ask oneself: 'What is the primary purpose of entering into a dating relationship?' If the motivation is primarily driven by worldly desires, such as seeking diversion from mental pressure or avoiding singleness, then one should reconsider dating altogether. For a believer, the only legitimate reason to pursue dating is with the intent of marriage in mind. It's important to note that not every dating relationship will culminate in marriage, but this principle underscores the proper approach of every believer in valuing and building meaningful relationships.

When dating, physical touch can indeed be an important aspect of expressing one's love language, and it may enhance the chemistry within a relationship. However, it's crucial to remember the Bible's stern warning, as expressed in Song of Solomon 2:7, which advises us "not to awaken love until the time is right." This wisdom teaches us that dating should be approached with a foundation of holy commitment and responsibility. Understanding this principle helps ensure that the relationship is established with wisdom, preventing any stumbling in the realm of unholy physical contact.

There are 5 fundamental principles that form the bedrock of holy dating:

  1. Exclusivity with Purpose: Strive to date only one person with the intention of marriage.

  2. Fruitful Character: Ensure that you and your partner are characterized by the fruits of the Spirit as you embark on your dating journey.

  3. Respect for Parents: Show respect and consideration for the parents or guardians on both sides of the relationship.

  4. Spiritual Guidance: Approach dating with reverence for your pastor or spiritual leader, seeking their wisdom and guidance.

  5. Eternal Love: Ground your dating relationship in the enduring and selfless love that transcends earthly desires and circumstances.Do your best to date only one person for the purpose of marriage.

Every believer is called to comprehend and actively embrace holiness across all facets of life. It is through this pursuit of holiness that a believer can truly become the light and salt in the manner that the Lord intended. By doing so, one can find blessings in the relationships they pursue and embody the principles of faith in their daily existence.


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