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Spiritual Enrichment: Bibilical Dating

Children of God usually have many questions regarding the issue of dating. They may ask questions about what is or isn't allowed during dating. Pastor Ivan embraced this topic during the spiritual enrichment session at Center for Christ on 19 March 2022 via Google Meet. This topic supplements the greater topic currently in session about how believers build and maintain relationships.

Children of God must return to the bible whenever they need to seek God's will, including the time when they seek guidance in dating. First and foremost, though, the concept of Christian dating must underlie a clear purpose because all Christians must avoid the folly of life. One must ask oneself, what is the main purpose to build a relationship in dating someone? If the purpose is mainly of the flesh, as a diversion from specific mental pressure, or just to avoid being single, then one should not ascribe to dating at all. The only reason a believer initiates dating is by having the purpose of marriage in mind. This, however, does not mean that every relationship must end at the altar, but this exemplifies the right conduct of every believer in valuing the effort to build any relationship.

When dating, touching is an essential part of the love language. Physical touch may increase the chemistry of the relationship. But the bible sternly warns "not to awaken love until the time is right" (Song of Solomon 2:7). This means that dating must be preceded by holy commitment and responsibility. Knowing this would create wisdom in establishing the relationship so one would not stumble in the act of unholy physical contact.

There are 5 principles that lay the foundation of holy dating:

  1. Do your best to date only one person for the purpose of marriage.

  2. Ensure you are filled with the fruits of the Spirit when dating someone.

  3. Dating must respect the parents of both sides.

  4. Dating must be done in reverence of your pastor or spiritual leader.

  5. Dating must be based on eternal love only.

Every believer is required to understand and practice holiness in all aspects of life. Only then will the believer will be the light and the salt as the Lord had intended, and one will definitely be blessed in the relationship that he or she is pursuing.

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