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Social Care by GBI HOB and Free Medical Services by Atma Jaya (20 May 2017)

At least a few times a year Center for Christ facilitates health care events for the Blind Friends. On 20 May 2017 we launch free health check-up day which takes place at the Hall in GPIB Sangkakala building. This special event is fully supported by our friends at GBI HOB, as well as the doctors and their medical team from Atma Jaya.

An event like this can only be made possible when Bodies of Christ work together. For this particular event, more than 50 workers get together to plan and execute this health care day, for the glory of Christ. 

We open the event with morning prayers, lead by Ps Stefen, Rev. Hendrady, Brother Bradley, and Mr. Kustopa. We focus the prayers in thanksgiving, knowing that only by God's grace and favor an event like this can take place.

The team from Atma Jaya initiate the event by giving presentation about health issues management for all the Blind Friends that are present. There are many significant information being shared, and the audience respond with many questions to further understand the health topic being addressed. Right after the presentation, the doctors and their team which include the general practitioners, ophthalmologists, and dentists invite the Blind Friends for free medical services. Every service and medicine given is given free of charge, and all the glory to our LORD Jesus Christ. This free medical service is also open to the public, especially for the neighbors living near-by the location.

Center for Christ also adds more excitement for the event by conducting a Christian Karaoke Singing Competition among the Blinds. Acting as the coordinator is Brother Ivan, and sitting as the juries are Mr. Tomo, Ms. Yani, and Mr. Budi Sugihdharma. The juries' selected winners are Brother Bradley, Brother Niko, and Brother Stanley as first, second, and third place winners, respectively. 

The Rafa Massage team from Center for Christ also does not waste this opportunity, they also open a reflexology massage booth during the vent. Lead by Brother Aldo, the Rafa Massage Team serve the attendees professionally.

Throughout the whole event, the team from GBI HOB commits their full support, from the preparation in the early days until the closing of the event. Everyone works wholeheartedly, and they even prepare some gifts for each Blind Friend who participate this occasion. May the LORD bless all of those involved in this glorious day a hundredfold..


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