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Preaching Competition (9 Nov 2019)

Center for Christ organizes its 6th preaching competition for the disabled friends. This year, every contestant must deliver a preaching within the topic of "Having a servant's heart." Every contestant then selects a passage from the New Testament that directly speaks about how to have a servant's heart. There are 19 contestants in all registering for this year's competition.

Residing as the panel of juries are Rev. Hendrady from GBI True Vine, Mr. Soni from POUK Church Tomang, and Mr. Henry Pardede from STTI Jakarta. Each contestant is given a maximum 10 minutes to deliver the message, and the juries will score each contestant according some predefined criterias.

This year's contestants have shown great growth in their knowledge and understanding. Almost all of the contestants have succeeded delievering their heart-felt message according to the Word. Standing as the winners of this year's preaching competition are Sister Rachel, Brother Chandra, and Brother Ignas for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.


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