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HIC Program Graduation 2023

The Center for Christ celebrated the graduation of the third generation from the HIC program in August 2023. In this graduation, there were 14 students from various provinces in Indonesia who demonstrated their diligence in delving into the study of Theology.

Graduation from the theology program for people with disabilities is a meaningful and inspirational event. This graduation ceremony not only reflects the academic achievements of the participants but also highlights the spirit of perseverance and determination in facing life's challenges. In this graduation celebration, each individual is recognized for their efforts in pursuing a profound understanding of theology while overcoming obstacles that may arise due to their disabilities.

Center for Christ hopes that the third generation from this Theology learning program can inspire friends with disabilities in Christ to continue to rise and strive to enter their calling. Among the graduates this time, 2 students have continued their studies to the Bachelor's level in Theology at STT, and there are also students who are now serving both full-time and part-time in their respective local churches. May the name of the Lord continue to be glorified by every achievement they attain.


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