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First HIC Graduation of Disabled Students (August 2020)

After nearly two years of intensive learning, with the grace of God, in August 2020, students at the Center for Christ celebrated their graduation, receiving certificates in the HIC (Harvest International Curriculum) program. The journey has been a remarkable one, marked by real and substantial challenges. The program began with 36 students, and after a demanding process, 19 students successfully completed it. Those who did not finish were graciously offered the opportunity to continue their studies in subsequent programs.

This graduation represents a significant milestone for the Center for Christ family. It has been a testament to the faith and hard work invested by both the disabled students and the dedicated staff, who overcame various obstacles during the learning journey. Witnessing the mighty power of our Lord Jesus Christ at work has been a source of wonder for all involved. The program not only imparted knowledge and understanding but also brought about real breakthroughs in every aspect of the students' lives.

The Center for Christ community believes that God's plan doesn't end here. All the students are encouraged to put their faith into action. The Center for Christ will move forward by launching the second generation of the HIC program, where the first graduates will play an integral role in teaching and mentoring the subsequent students. All glory is given to our Lord Jesus Christ alone for this remarkable journey and its ongoing impact.


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