Easter Service + Social Care

As usual, C4C family conducts another Social Care Service for the Blind Friends and at the same time having an Easter Service on 11 May 2019. The medical team from Atma Jaya University has been faithfully serving the blind friends for many years. The doctors bring their team of students who are always ready to serve with open arms.

This event opens first with the Social Care Activities where the doctors team from Atma Jaya give free medical check ups for all the blind friends of C4C, including all of its workers as well. The Atma Jaya team arrives with doctors, dentists, health counselors, and all the team that give free medications for those who need them. Each patient is called in one at a time, and given a simple evaluation first before the doctors check on him. Free blood check subsequently is administered to ensure diagnosis, and then free medications are given according to the doctors' prescription.

While the medical check up activities are going on, the blind friends enjoy many great performances. Some give singing performances, some recite poems, and others give drama musical performance. 

The event is wrapped with an Easter Service where all the blind friends and workers gather, praising and worshipping the Lord in unison. This year's Easter takes on the topic "Healing in Forgiveness". As some of us are suffering physically and spiritually, Jesus points the way of healing in how we live a merciful life toward others. As the Lord is merciful, therefore we also have to be merciful.

The event was completed at about 2 pm, and all of the workers then started the procedure to lead everyone to their transport back home. This year's event is so great that everyone feels blessed. Thanks be to God alone.

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