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Easter Celebration and Health Care by Atma Jaya (11 May 2019)

As usual, Easter celebration service for the family of Center for Christ is combined with the Health Care check by the faithful friends at Atma Jaya. We kick off the event by preparing the venue for the free health care check. All the doctors and their supporting team arrive early in the morning, preparing the consultation chambers, blood check, dentistry care section, and the medicine distribution area. Each family of Center of Christ then is called one at a time to have his / her health examined. The Atma Jaya team provides blood check and gives all the necessary medications all for free, glory to God.

Afterwards, everyone settles back into the worship room, starting the Easter service led by the Center for Christ praise and worship team. The message this Easter is "Restoration through Forgiveness." We can observe in the Word that restoration is usually preceeded by repentance that showers forgiveness from God. And as we also practice this forgiveness to others, then our restoration will be made complete.

It is a long and exciting day for Center for Christ. Everyone present is blessed. Through such unity and contributions of other friends like the Atma Jaya team, we all can experience greater blessings.


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