Milestone: New C4C Building!

After all the works and preparations, then on 4 November 2017 C4C started to occupy a new building in the Meruya area, West Jakarta. All of the family of Center for Christ were excited about this new place, for the LORD Himself who had provided this building. In this new building, all of the activities of Center for Christ can be conducted comfortably in a better and more orderly manner.

On the morning of 4 November 2017 we all gathered together at the new center to give thanks for all the grace that the LORD Jesus had bestowed for this ministry, especially with the providence of this new building. All of the workers were present to unite in prayers, and everyone was at awe for what the LORD had done in the midst of us in the past 4 years that this ministry had stood. Also present to assist us were the youth of the Ecumenical Church POUK Tomang. The youth were great help for all of us, where they faithfully assisted the Blind Friends for their needs that day. All glory to our LORD Jesus Christ.

Center For Christ

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